Saturday, February 19, 2011

Time to Organize!

I know that most people try to do their organizing in January. New year - a new start on things. I'm a bit behind in that area, but I'm doing what I can do when I can do it. I figure - the goal is to be organized. The time line isn't quite as important as long as I'm not saying 'Gee - I need to get organized' but procrastinate about it.

So I decided to go and organize all the pairs of fingerless gloves/mittens that I made over the

past few weeks. It's not a difficult thing to do - just a bit time consuming. I have to write down all of the different pairs, photograph them (at least 3 photos per pair), download them, change them over to jpeg (which I never really understood why you needed to do that, just that if you don't it's bad!), then load them up to my Etsy shop. Oh - then put them in my storage containers and then note which pair are in which container so when I sell a pair I'm not opening up every container and searching through all of them for a particular pair.

I have to say I forgot the different patterns and pairs that I made, and it's kinda fun doing this. My Mother makes knitted sweaters (from the Guidepost magazine) and she makes them and then sends them out for children who don't have anyone to make them things. When she is finished with the sweaters she sometimes has little balls of leftover yarn. She gives my those, and then I use them for my fingerless mittens! We make a good partnership!

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jennasaurus said...

Hello! I found your blog in the crochet etsy team discussions. I am enjoying your blog and am feeling especially inspired to do some organizing of my own. If you have a chance, please check out my blog as well!

<3 jenna(saurus)