Friday, May 4, 2012

Christmas in May?!

It's the beginning of May.  The cold of winter has finally retreated for another year, and the songs of spring perfume the air.  Winter coats, scarves, hats and ice scrapers are all packed away for another season of hibernation.

So what am I working on? Christmas stuff!

Why?!  Because for me - Christmas is a huge time of the year, and on that I am never, ever prepared for.  I mean really - who thinks about Christmas when you're sitting on the beach?

Then September rolls around, and the stores start putting out their Christmas decorations and I think:
     1)  Are they crazy?!?!  It's too early for Christmas stuff
     2)  Hmmmm - I wonder if I should start making a few Christmas items?

But then it's Halloween, and then Thanksgiving and before I know it Christmas just came out of nowhere! No warnings!  Can you believe it?!

So this year, I invite you to do what I'm doing.
- I'm gathering up Christmas ideas
- I'm taking stock of what I have already made, and plan what I need to make.
- I'm prepping the little 'take along' projects, so if I'm sitting somewhere with nothing to do, I can work on them.
- And I'm not waiting until the last minute this year!

What plans/ideas do y'all have?