Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Wonderful (featured) Etsy Shop!!

One of the things that I love about Etsy, is that there are so many people there that have different skills sets from me. Now personally - I couldn't draw or paint something if my life depended on it (although I think I can draw a mean stick figure!). Cara, on the other hand is a very talented artist who has her own shop on Etsy, and I think it's fantastic! Here is my interview with her..

1. I love your paintings - when did you start drawing?

I've always had a pen in my hand....some kids have a dummy....think i had a pencil :) It's a passion i've always had. A need that i've always had. I'm not the most vocal person in the world and painting/drawing and the like is my voice.

2. I see you do alot of portrait type paintings. Do you base these on real people?

No actually. I've never been good at capturing real people on canvas. I literally have pencil, roughly sketch and then let the paint create a face and personality.

3. Have you ever had anyone sit for a portrait?

Yes, but only for practice. I tend to sketch roughly and never create a painting of a real living person. Maybe one day i'd like to my style of course.

4. You use watercolor and acrylic. Which do you like to use more, and why? (From someone who does not paint, and has no idea about these mediums).

I go through stages. At the moment Acrylic is back in favour. I love the freedom of colours, building up colour and textures. I love the hugeness of canvases and great big chunky rollers and paint brushes and slapping on paint :) Water colour is totally different, i paint more delicately (but quicker for some reason)and in a smaller scale

5. What inspires you?

Other people! Other peoples lives. I know that sounds bizarre....but no amount of books, paintings, poetry etc etc can influence me or inspire me as much as real, interesting people who have much to show and offer.

6. You have some pretty jewelery in your shop too. Is this also a passion for you?

Yes....i got into jewelery making a year or so ago. It was a therapeutic outlet for a crazy life at the time. I have many beads, findings, wires, clasps etc in my little room.....and flit backwards and forwards from time to time. Ironically....i'm not a dress/junk jewelery why i make them i don't know.

Cara's Shop is named Caralara, and you can find here : , and I definitely recommend it!!