Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here I Go Again!!

Well - this has been a busy couple of months! I was finally able to return to work 31 July, and then had three months worth of paperwork and such to catch up on. But - I'm so thankful that my employer held my job for me - esp. in this economy, so I don't want to complain that much.

So recently, I'm trying to budget my money, and make as many handmade gifts as possible. And - of course, if I can sell any custom orders - that's a great thing too!!

My good friend has many children, and some are teenagers. She has seen my make my fingerless mittens, and she asked if I could make a pair of mittens for her, and scarf to go along with it. She would like black with hot pink edging, as well as a black scarf with hot pink edging.

I'm also working on a holiday gift for one of my staff. I'm taking this pair of fingerless mittens/gloves:

I love the way the rainbow colours look against the black, and then I thought I would make a black scarf with the same rainbow edging around it. That way it will be bright, but not too over-the-top!

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